Somewhere Between Ft.Hood and Guam

Avaa Nichole Pickop

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I can’t go back to sleep. Oh well. I have to get ready…. go to Wal-Mart… go to Sam’s Club to fill up…. then go to my doctors appointment…. then go get Sammie from the Airport which I may be a little late getting her just bc of my doctors appointment. I think I’m going to reschedule the doctors appointment.
Damn you time.

You know if we didn’t have time it’d be a lot better sometimes lol

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Well I thought on it.

FUCK that. I love my husband. I do. We click like buckles.

I’m not going to ruin it for someone who realized what they lost after they lost it.

My husband has valued me from day one. That’s hard to find now days.

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Yeah. Hospitals suck. I’m still in pain. I have to drink this nasty shit. I was violated by a PA who is training and decided Hey, it’s okay If I just shove my index finger up your ass as fast as I can, you got this. LADY, let me stick my index finger up your ass really fast. Errr. Can I please just know what’s wrong with me?